Cannabis in the News: April 27 to May 1, 2015

By Catherine Jones  bio
Here are some of this week’s cannabis-related news highlights…


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Legalization of CBD Oils

Cannabidiol (CBD) oils, made from extracts of the marijuana plant’s leaves, have been shown effective in treating seizures. Accordingly, state laws legalizing such treatments are springing up all over the country—including in states like Utah, Arkansas and Iowa where you’d least expect medical marijuana legislation to pass.
In addition to these CBD-oils-only laws, it could be argued that use of CBD oils is a form of “useable marijuana” made legal under state medical marijuana laws—especially in the majority of medical marijuana states that define “useable marijuana” to include the leaves, buds and flowers of the marijuana plant and

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How Much Money Could Your State Make by Legalizing Cannabis?

How does $3,098,866,907 sound? That’s how much tax revenue could be collected if all 50 states legalized and imposed their normal state sales tax plus a modest…




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The New Marijuana Map

The November 4 elections changed the landscape of marijuana legalization. Here’s a visual rundown of…


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Marijuana on Parole Stance Softened; Medical Marijuana Bill Collapses

The Louisiana legislature earlier this year passed a bill that cuts the penalties for people convicted of possessing marijuana when they’re on parole. Under current law, parolees automatically have their parole revoked if they’re convicted of a marijuana possession offense. If the Governor signs it, HB 681, which passed the Senate 30-7 and the House 92-1, would change the criminal law to make conviction of misdemeanor (as opposed to felony) marijuana possession by a person on parole what’s called a “technical violation” allowing the judge to impose lesser penalties and not automatically revoke parole.
Also earlier this year, the Louisiana senate…

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Louisiana Bill: Marijuana Possession Doesn’t Automatically Revoke Parole

May 21, 2014: The legislature passed a bill that cuts the penalties for people convicted of…

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Senate Kills Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Bill

April 30, 2014: Back in 1991, Louisiana made it legal for doctors to prescribe and patients to…

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