Employers Must Adjust their Zero Tolerance Policies for Medical Cannabis

By Glenn Demby  bio
It seems like every employer in America has adopted a zero tolerance drug policy.
Question: What should employers do if they’re in one of the 23 states that have legalized medical cannabis?
Answer: They have to modify their zero tolerance policy to address medical marijuana head-on. How they do that will depend on which state they’re in…

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Legalization of CBD Oils

Cannabidiol (CBD) oils, made from extracts of the marijuana plant’s leaves, have been shown effective in treating seizures. Accordingly, state laws legalizing such treatments are springing up all over the country—including in states like Utah, Arkansas and Iowa where you’d least expect medical marijuana legislation to pass.
In addition to these CBD-oils-only laws, it could be argued that use of CBD oils is a form of “useable marijuana” made legal under state medical marijuana laws—especially in the majority of medical marijuana states that define “useable marijuana” to include the leaves, buds and flowers of the marijuana plant and

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How Much Money Could Your State Make by Legalizing Cannabis?

How does $3,098,866,907 sound? That’s how much tax revenue could be collected if all 50 states legalized and imposed their normal state sales tax plus a modest…




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State of the State: 2015 Likely to Decide Fate of Medical Marijuana in Montana

Montana’s legal medical marijuana industry was snuffed out when Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided grow-ops and dispensaries across the state. A year later, the state voted against repealing…

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Revising a Zero Tolerance Drug Policy for Medical Marijuana

It seems like every employer in America has adopted a zero tolerance drug policy. That includes you if you happen to be running a state-licensed medical marijuana business.
Question: What should employers do if they’re in one of the states that have legalized medical cannabis?
Answer: They must…


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The New Marijuana Map

The November 4 elections changed the landscape of marijuana legalization. Here’s a visual rundown of…


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Medical Marijuana Sales and Excise Taxes in Each State

Alaska – NA: Alaska state law doesn’t authorize sales of medical marijuana by dispensaries
Arizona – Medical marijuana businesses subject to…


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The States with the Highest—and Lowest—Dispensary License Fees

It takes a lot of money to get a state license to operate a medical marijuana dispensary. Expect to spend somewhere in the range of…


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Landlord of Cannabis Tenant Sues Insurance Agent for Negligence

An owner leased a building to his wife for use as a cannabis growing business. Drug Enforcement Agency agents raided the property and did about $75,000 worth…

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Is Firing Employees for Medical Marijuana Discrimination?

All 7 of the courts that have confronted this issue in the past decade have ruled that employers can enforce zero tolerance drug policies to fire employees for lawful use of medical marijuana. Here’s the rundown:
2013: COLORADO (Federal Court)
What Happened: Brewery employee with hepatitis C, fired after testing positive for marijuana, claims use was legal under Colorado medical marijuana law and that he never used or was high at work.
Ruling: Federal court says…

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