The Branding of Cannabis

Which marijuana companies will emerge as the Apple or Coca Cola of marijuana? Last month, the estate of Bob Marley put in a claim by using the reggae legend’s name and likeness to create a special herb blend branded “Marley Natural.” Most marijuana branding activity has come from edibles. Examples: “Real Housewives of New York City” star and founder of Skinnygirl food and alcohol products, Bethenny Frankel, announced plans to establish Skinnygirl marijuana edibles; BeBevCo and its subsidiary Relaxation Solutions licensed Cheech and Chong for marijuana-infused ice cream; and Corr Products licensed its Green Rush brand to ID Global Corp. for marijuana-infused coffee and energy drinks. By contrast, growers of unprocessed marijuana have been slow to get into branding and are still selling their product as a generic commodity even… . . . read more


Taking Your Legal Marijuana to Another State

Larry is planning a road trip and wants to take along the recreational marijuana he bought legally in Colorado. His itinerary includes…


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How to Comply with Chemical Safety Rules—the MSDS

The cultivation, processing and handling of marijuana involves exposure to dangerous chemicals and makes you potentially liable for penalties under federal workplace safety laws, including…


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Marijuana Law v. Policy, Part 3: How the Feds Have Applied the Cole Memo

By Glenn Demby  bio

For a while at least, The Cole Memo seemed to have ushered in a new period of calm. But after 14+ months of dormancy, the federal enforcement volcano has erupted again. California is at the epicenter. On Oct. 16, James Cole told the LA Times that the…


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7 Protections to Include in Your Marijuana Dispensary Lease

Finding a landlord willing to lease property for your dispensary, growing or other legal marijuana business is a big accomplishment. Just be careful about the lease. Your landlord will probably offer to you the same lease form it gives to…


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Using the “2 business strategy” to get around 280E bar on tax deductions

If you operate a medical marijuana dispensary, you can’t deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses from taxable revenues the way any other business can—even if your business is 100% legitimate under your state’s laws. We all know it’s unfair. But there are ways around the problem. One possibility: Allocate your costs between medical marijuana dispensing activities, which aren’t deductible, and unrelated caregiving activities, which are. This “2-business” strategy isn’t a new invention; but it’s tricky. Here’s what dispensaries need to know to use…

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Will the Feds Shut Down Your Cannabis Business? Law v. Policy, Part 2

By Glenn Demby  bio
Last time, we discussed cannabis law. Now let’s look at cannabis policy.
The POLICY of Cannabis
The federal government’s power to prosecute in a cannabis state is a matter of law; deciding whether to actually use that power is a matter of policy. Since it determines who and when to prosecute, it’s crucial that…

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Will the Feds Shut Down Your State-Licensed Cannabis Business?

By Glenn Demby  bio
There’s no such thing as legal cannabis in the U.S. Sure, a licensed dispensary in Colorado may be able to operate in Colorado without violating state law. But growing, producing and selling cannabis makes you…


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Congress Suspended But Didn’t End Federal War on Medical Marijuana

  • “Congress Ends US Ban on Medical Marijuana”
  • “Congress Ends Medical Marijuana Prohibition”
  • “The Federal War on Medical Marijuana Is Over”
— Recent Headlines
Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!
Congress’s ban on funding of federal drug enforcement in states with medical marijuana laws is…


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Federal Judge to Rule on Whether Cannabis Belongs on Schedule 1

The Drug Enforcement Agency busted 7 men for growing cannabis on national forest land in California. Their defense: Cannabis shouldn’t be on Schedule 1 because it’s safe and…


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