How Much Money Could Your State Make by Legalizing Cannabis?

How does $3,098,866,907 sound? That’s how much tax revenue could be collected if all 50 states legalized and imposed their normal state sales tax plus a modest…




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The New Marijuana Map

The November 4 elections changed the landscape of marijuana legalization. Here’s a visual rundown of…


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Medical Marijuana Comes to Iowa—Sort of

By Glenn Demby  bio
You know medical marijuana is hot when it starts showing up in heartland states like Iowa. But what’s going on in Iowa isn’t real “medical marijuana” but an ersatz version of it that has also popped up in other red states like Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, North Carolina, Tennessee and Utah that legalizes low THC strains of cannabis for seizures without making the drug available to…


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Utah’s New CBD Law: Not Only Ineffective but Threat to Medical Marijuana in Colorado

On July 1, a new law took effect in Utah allowing patients with intractable epilepsy to use Cannabidiol (CBD) oils to treat their seizures. In reality, the new Charlee’s Law, also known as HB 105, is likely to do little to help patients and may actually endanger medical marijuana in other states, including Colorado.
Why the Law Is Ineffective
The Utah law includes the usual conditions found in CBD oils laws: It applies only to liquid extracts with high concentrations of…

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