Top 5 marijuana moves by the feds

Plenty has been happening on the federal front in regulations and rulings related to marijuana.
1 House nixes letting vets discuss medical MJ with doctors
Doctors who participate in VA medical programs aren’t allowed to recommend medical marijuana to their veteran patients even if it’s legal under state law. In 2011, the Veterans Health Administration issued a directive banning VA providers from even filling out forms seeking recommendations or opinions about veterans using marijuana in medical marijuana states. A House bill that would have cut off funding to implement that directive in states where medical marijuana is legal—the same tactic…

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State of the State: 2015 Likely to Decide Fate of Medical Marijuana in Montana

Montana’s legal medical marijuana industry was snuffed out when Drug Enforcement Administration agents raided grow-ops and dispensaries across the state. A year later, the state voted against repealing…

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Using the “2 business strategy” to get around 280E bar on tax deductions

If you operate a medical marijuana dispensary, you can’t deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses from taxable revenues the way any other business can—even if your business is 100% legitimate under your state’s laws. We all know it’s unfair. But there are ways around the problem. One possibility: Allocate your costs between medical marijuana dispensing activities, which aren’t deductible, and unrelated caregiving activities, which are. This “2-business” strategy isn’t a new invention; but it’s tricky. Here’s what dispensaries need to know to use…

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Judge Throws Out CBD Oils Rules

With apologies to T.S. Eliot, November seems to have been the cruellest month—at least for the cause of medical marijuana in Florida. Less than 2 weeks after Amendment 2 went…

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‘Nonprofit’ Rule Doesn’t Ban Cannabis-for-Money Exchange

The owner of a Newport Beach medical marijuana coop is busted for selling marijuana after an undercover agent sees a customer pay $60 for 1/8 ounce Since coops can’t sell marijuana for…

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No Unemployment Benefits for Employee Who Violates No-Drug Policy

In Washington, you can’t get unemployment benefits if you’re fired for violating a “reasonable” company rule that you’re aware of. A meat cutter fired for bringing cannabis-infused candy to work claimed…

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Patients Sue Health Department for Rejecting their Medical Marijuana Card Application

After 4 years of accepting patient applicants signed by NPs, the Health Department suddenly and without public comment changed the rules and required a physician signature…

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Oregon Court Says Towns Can Ban Medical Dispensaries

The Oregon medical cannabis law allows states and counties to adopt a one-year dispensary moratorium. But a town in the heart of Oregon’s cannabis growing country didn’t think…

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Selling on Cannabis Website Doesn’t Justify Injunction for Trademark Violation

Sunlight, a distributor of indoor gardening equipment, has owned the trademark “Titan Controls” since 2008. When another firm, TLS, began marketing its own…

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Federal Judge to Rule on Whether Cannabis Belongs on Schedule 1

The Drug Enforcement Agency busted 7 men for growing cannabis on national forest land in California. Their defense: Cannabis shouldn’t be on Schedule 1 because it’s safe and…


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