Cannabis in the News: April 27 to May 1, 2015

By Catherine Jones  bio
Here are some of this week’s cannabis-related news highlights…


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The Branding of Cannabis

Which marijuana companies will emerge as the Apple or Coca Cola of marijuana? Last month, the estate of Bob Marley put in a claim by using the reggae legend’s name and likeness to create a special herb blend branded “Marley Natural.” Most marijuana branding activity has come from edibles. Examples: “Real Housewives of New York City” star and founder of Skinnygirl food and alcohol products, Bethenny Frankel, announced plans to establish Skinnygirl marijuana edibles; BeBevCo and its subsidiary Relaxation Solutions licensed Cheech and Chong for marijuana-infused ice cream; and Corr Products licensed its Green Rush brand to ID Global Corp. for marijuana-infused coffee and energy drinks. By contrast, growers of unprocessed marijuana have been slow to get into branding and are still selling their product as a generic commodity even… . . . read more


Checklist of Key Terms to Include in Your Marijuana Business Lease

Here’s a list of the protections you should try to get when you negotiate a lease for your legal marijuana business:
[ ] Permitted Use: Specify what…


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Maryland Finalizes Medical Marijuana Licensing Rules

The Maryland commission finally approved regulations to implement the medical marijuana program. Highlights of the rules, which still need to be approved by the legislature and health secretary…

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Medical Marijuana Bill on Docket for 2015

A Republican-sponsored bill legalizing medical marijuana will be the first on the Georgia House’s docket in 2015. Highlights of HB1, also known as the Harleigh’s Hope Act…

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7 Protections to Include in Your Marijuana Dispensary Lease

Finding a landlord willing to lease property for your dispensary, growing or other legal marijuana business is a big accomplishment. Just be careful about the lease. Your landlord will probably offer to you the same lease form it gives to…


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Using the “2 business strategy” to get around 280E bar on tax deductions

If you operate a medical marijuana dispensary, you can’t deduct ordinary and necessary business expenses from taxable revenues the way any other business can—even if your business is 100% legitimate under your state’s laws. We all know it’s unfair. But there are ways around the problem. One possibility: Allocate your costs between medical marijuana dispensing activities, which aren’t deductible, and unrelated caregiving activities, which are. This “2-business” strategy isn’t a new invention; but it’s tricky. Here’s what dispensaries need to know to use…

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By the Numbers: State of the Licensing Program

January 1, 2015- According to the the government’s third annual report on the Arizona medical marijuana program, from July 2013 to June 2014…

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New Labelling Rules for Infused Products

Strict new labelling requirements for medical marijuana-infused products took effect on Oct. 30. From now on, containers of infused products must list in lettering of at least 1/16 inch…


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No Unemployment Benefits for Employee Who Violates No-Drug Policy

In Washington, you can’t get unemployment benefits if you’re fired for violating a “reasonable” company rule that you’re aware of. A meat cutter fired for bringing cannabis-infused candy to work claimed…

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